Truss Rafters

Big L Lumber carries residential roof trusses in-stock in the most popular spans.

These trusses are for 24" o.c. spacing and are made for a 24" overhang (simply trim tails for a shorter overhang).

Truss Loading - All trusses are engineered to meet this loading:
Live Load - 60#
Dead Load - 7#
Ceiling Load - 10#
Total - 77#

Big L stock 24' and 30' standard and gable trusses for quick shipment.

Other standard sizes are available to your jobsite in about a week!

These standard sizes are in stock for quick delivery to your job.

Due to many varied roof styles of today's new homes, we commonly order trusses to meet your needs. Just get us your plans for a quick and competitive price.

Shed Trusses:

Big L also stocks trusses to build small storage sheds. These trusses incorporate the floor joist, wall stud and rafter in one.
Gambrel Style: 8', 10' and 12' in stock
Salt Box Style: 8' in stock
Gable Style: 8' and 10' in stock

Here's a diagram of the different trusses available from Big L Lumber:

truss selection